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Set against the seemingly endless savannah landscape of the African Bushveld with its intense blue skies and the perpetual background song of Cicadas, you will find Bushveld Terrace Hotel on Kruger offering guests an authentic experience in the heart of the bush.

Recognised as the jewel of Phalaborwa, Bushveld Terrace Hotel is unrivalled luxury four star accommodation located a mere stone’s throw from the Kruger National Park. An oasis of calm and tranquillity in the hot surroundings of the majestic Limpopo province, Bushveld Terrace Hotel offers guests a cool and well-appointed escape in the African bush.

Bushveld Terrace Hotel is located 200 metres from the Kruger National Park’s Phalaborwa Gate. We offer guests and their families the perfect balance of modern sophistication and luxurious comforts within walking distance of South Africa’s national treasure, the Kruger National Park.

Spend your days spotting the Big 5 on your doorstep and your nights listening to the calls of the African bush while rejuvenating your body, mind and soul in the luxury of Bushveld Terrace Hotel.




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Recognised as the jewel of Phalaborwa.



Daily Airlink Flights

Daily flights between Johannesburg and Phalaborwa.


Activities 80Km and beyond

Explore the Panoramic route by car – For those looking for a leisurely way to experience the Blyde River Canyon ...

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Activities in Kruger Park

Bush walks in Kruger A guided bush walk in the Kruger is a great way to experience nature up close. One gets to learn more about the finer ...

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Activities in Phalaborwa

All the destinations below can be reached using your own vehicle. Be mindful, however, of finding out their availability and tour times. ...

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Latest News

Baby Elephants: cute as buttons, smart as whips

Yes, I know most animals’ babies are adorable, but you have to agree, the all-time world champions of oohs, aahs and puppy-eye-heart-melting swoons are baby elephants. What, with all that clumsy horsing about, tripping over their trunks and splashing into muddy puddles with wild abandon, who could oppose my argument? Combined with all the kissing, cuddling and hugging from adults in the herd, and of course, wrapping their little trunks around mom’s forelegs, they account for some of the best game viewing entertainment around..

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Things to do: Salute the Sunrise at Sable Dam

The central parts of the Kruger may not have the south’s sightings around every bend and the drier mopane veld may seem a little monotonous to some. We, however, also don’t have traffic jams and the accompanying tourist trampling at yet another sighting of the tip of the left ear of a leopard sticking out behind that green bush over the-e-ere…

Among many other great roads (especially the ones along the Letaba and Olifants rivers) and charming spots, we furthermore have Sable Dam.

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